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An open source ePortfolio platform



Scholarship of Teaching & Learning 



VideoScribe Logo  VideoScribe is software for creating whiteboard animations (similar to Doodly).

It was launched in 2012 by UK company Sparkol. By April 2014 it had more than 250,000 users in 135 countries around the world. VideoScribe is developed in Adobe Flash and produces QuickTime movies and Flash videos.

We were invited to be creative when generating our CMALT Contextual Statement so I thought I'd try this "Free" software. I'm using quotation marks because it is not, in fact, Free . . . I used the 7-day Free Trial to produce my super short 1.5 minute whiteboard video - so it has VideoScribe branding all through it.

It took me a couple of hours to get my head around how the platform worked and to create my video. Was it worth it? mmmmm, probably not. There are better ways of getting the same, if not better results. I would have been better off creating my video using Camtasia or Adobe Rush or even SnagIt . . . all pieces of software that I've already paid for or in the case of Adobe Rush, have free access to thanks to an institutional license.

Check out Nicole Pav's Review at,have%20no%20experience%20in%20animation