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#CMALTcMOOC 2019 Week6: Choosing a specialisation

Re: #CMALTcMOOC 2019 Week6: Choosing a specialisation

by Ian Upton -
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Hello Thom, Hello fellow 'Cmooc-ers'... :-)

Apologies for missing last night's Webinar. The clocks moved here in the UK and I turned up just after the session had finished. Timezones DOH!

Anyway. I have watched the proceedings and appreciate the comments made on my Project Bank submission. It was reassuring to here the word count was appropriate. I have probably exceeded this in other sections! That said, i have dropped a fairly lengthy video into the slot too...

It was good to here we can refer across to other existing sections. As my portfolio has developed I am very aware that I have repeated 'evidence' in the context of the subject of the section and felt everything was getting rather repetitive. So, the ability to link and refer would go a long way to killing that.

Can I also say, if you are looking for a vehicle, Adobe Spark is great? Very easy to compile resources and add links. And easy to get a nice look too. A couple of you commented on the application when critiquing my stuff so I thought I would reinforce how easy it is to use.

So now on to the final challenge and final week! See you there!