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Tip to convert multiple HEIC photos online for free

by Todd Strickland -

Today I want to share with you several tools that will save your life in your visual designs. How many times have you found that you have been sent a photo in HEIC format and you couldn't open it?

Surely you know heic2jpg or, but few of you will know HEIC Digital, since it is a new online tool created in 2023.

It allows you to convert from HEIC to JPG but the big difference compared to the previous ones is that you can download a ZIP with all the converted photos. It also allows you to open HEIC files online and convert from HEIC to PDF. Although converting to PDF is not a very good idea since the resulting files take up about 35MB.

I hope the tip is useful to you!

Cheer up and share your tips and tricks for the rest of the designers in the community!